What are you doing this Sunday?

A Yuppiechef initiative

Here's what we at Yuppiechef are doing to bring back the fading tradition of Sunday Lunch

The Sunday Lunch Manifesto

Sunday Lunch means having no empty chairs around the table
Connecting over organic conversations, freerange friendships
Tucking into the taste of home with simple meals, made to share

Sunday Lunch is about cherishing, secretly, mom’s butter burnt peas
Enjoying the repetition of dad’s same old stories and wondering
How many more times are left to hear them, the wonderfully predictable endings

Sunday Lunch is the warm chaos of the familiar, one that shapes us
Laughter and awkwardness, energetic children and sleeping dog
A space of everything that matters, yet nothing more than ordinary

Sunday Lunch is a quiet celebration of this short life, the here and now
A togetherness of each other, the easy excitement of eating together
Surrounded by your perfectly imperfect family and friends

Join us on our mission to connect people over food.
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